UKS2 – Newsletter – 09.06.23

What a brilliant week it has been!

This week, Miss Chambers’ maths class have bee busy! Firstly, the children in Miss Chambers’ maths class started the lesson by being given some measuring jugs with the units are covered up. They estimated how much water they thought was in them. As a table group, they compared their strategies for estimating the capacity of the water jugs. Then, they used multi-link to investigate volume. Secondly, over the course of this week, they developed their ability to identify 3-D shapes from 2-D representations. Using a whole-punch and string, they brought nets to life! Once they had made each 3-D shape, using nets, they identified how many edges, faces and vertices it had.

This week in history, the children begun their learning about famous scholars from the Early Islamic civilisation. This project will include the children writing their own biographies. Today’s session focused on gathering information about their chosen scholar. They used their computing skills to use search technologies effectively.

This week in science, the children were introduced to the concept of classifying animals. They designed their own zoo based on classifying the animals on their tables. Together, they discussed how they classified each animal, why they chose their method and whether there were any differences between their zoo classification to others. Here are some of their statements:

  • “I have chosen to organise based on warm- and cold-blooded animals. I did this because if I did this it would organise a large number of them.”
  • “So far, I have classified based on vertebrates and invertebrates. Looking at the pictures [of animals], this was the obvious place to start.”
  • “I started with warm and cold environment because despite other similar characteristics it would not work in my zoo. Their habitat was the most important place to start.”

On Thursday, Today, Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to experience art song music. Leeds Lieder delivered a workshop to the children which included listening to them perform, considering the emotions that underpin the music and writing their own song in the style of art song. It was a brilliant workshop and the children sang with competence and confidence!

The Year 6 children who went on residential had a fantastic time – watch this space for more news and pictures from their trip!

Monday will be a cross-curricular day, which means the children need to come in Forest School appropriate clothing. Please remember a hat, sun cream and water as it is likely to be good weather!

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