UKS2 – Newsletter – 17.03.2023

It has been a fantastic week in UKS2!

On Monday, UKS2 braved the windy (and very wet!) conditions in Forest School. In order to protect themselves from the elements, the children were tasked with building a shelter in which to complete their Anglo-Saxon themed project. The children endured the conditions admirably, and despite some run away tarpaulins, did not falter in the wild conditions. Well done everyone! 

This week in French, the children learnt the different names of shops found in France. Then, they applied this and theirlearning from last week to describe the position of a shop.
Finally, they listned to an extract of someone describing their town and they labelled a map to describe the position of different shops.

In maths, Miss Barnicoat’s class have been developing their understanding of area and perimeter. Using a variety of tangible materials, the children were tasked with measuring, recording and calculating the area of compound rectilinear shapes. They showed good resilience and a superb understanding of previously learned formal written methods to help them. Well done!

Also this week in Maths, Miss Chambers’ class raced to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions. Working together in their table groups, they competed to match a bar model, mixed number and improper fraction. They worked fantastically and showed their working out with ease on their whiteboards!

On Wednesday, UKS2 invited parents to join in the ‘Great Anglo-Saxon Quiz’. After a brief introduction to fluency in the hall, parents were invited upstairs to join in the Kahoots in class. The children showed a fantastic understanding of our present topic – The Anglo-Saxons – and thoroughly enjoyed introducing their adults to the world of Kahoots. Well done everyone!


Here is next week’s spelling sheet to help your child learn these new spellings! Spelling at home Week 4

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