UKS2 – Newsletter – 19.04.24

It has been a busy week in UKS2!

In maths, Mr Kershaw’s class have been learning how to use protractors. After assessing whether an angle is obtuse, acute or a right angle visually, the children then confirmed this accurately using a protractor.

In Miss Barnicoat’s maths class, the children have been exploring the area and perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes. They had to decide which process to use, how to split their shapes and calculate the length of any missing edges!

In science this week, the children had their first session of our new topic: ‘Animals including humans.’ They began by looking at the different types of reproduction, then were introduced to the 6 stages of the human timeline. Once they had familiarised themselves with that, they matched and ordered the stages to the correct images. 


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