UKS2 – Newsletter – 19.05.23

What a fun and amazing week it has been! 

In Year 5, following our visit from a local artist, children in Class 9 have continued to work hard on their project towards celebrating Leeds City of culture 2023. They are starting to map out their ideas on the mural board. We are using a David Hockney painting to inspire us!

Across the school, we enjoyed another reading buddies assembly! We shared our books, love for reading and had a fantastic time.

In history, the children developed their historial understanding by using primary and secondary sources to uncover information to compare Ancient Baghdad and Anglo-Saxon Britain in 900CE. The children used sources and a range of information to develop their understanding. Throughout the lesson they used evidence to justify their comparisons.

Yesterday, UKS2 had a fantastic time celebrating Eid! Over the course of the day, they have used their cooking skills to make a variety of dishes ready for our whole school celebration. We learnt about Eid and discussed how different people celebrate it. This even included an assembly led by some pupils in UKS2. They confidently shared about what Eid is all about! Finally, we enjoyed a party down in the hall.


In geography, the children continued their learning about trade. After having discussed exporting, importing and service industry, the children took part in the ‘trade game’. In teams, the children were given a country and goods to export (including coffee, oil and gold). Using their communication, teamwork and strategic skills they had to trade across nations to earn the most amount of points for their country. Tackling ‘world announcements’ they had to adapt their trading to the market climate. This included oil becoming a rarity in the global market, and so increasing the value of it.

Don’t forget that Year 5 and 6 are going to Grasslands farm near York on the following dates. Year 5: Wednesday 24th May. Year 6: Thursday 25th May. In order for your children to attend, you must have given permission using the form on the website. It is important children come in adequate clothing and with water. The children will be embracing all aspects of farm life, so their clothing needs to be suitable for getting dirty.  We will be departing school at 9:15am and will return at 2:45pm for usual end of the day procedures. The children will need to bring a packed lunch, unless they are eligible for free school meals, in which case a school packed lunch will be provided. Please check with the office if you are unsure. The cost of the trip is £5.00 (£2.50 pupil premium), this is currently available to pay via Parent Pay. This will cover the cost of the transport to and from the farm. Thank you to everyone who has already paid. Grasslands farm are very excited to have us and are looking forward to an education and insightful day.

On Monday (22.05) children will have Forest School, so will need to come in appropriate clothing!

Have a great weekend!

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