UKS2 – Newsletter – 20.10.23

It has been a busy week in UKS2!

In English, UKS2 took the field in a role playing event like no other. In order to inspire their upcoming historical narrative based on the Battle of Marathon, the children took turns in becoming the Athenians and Persians in their version of the empire defining battle. Using the tactics that really happened in Marathon, the children then began to develop their emotive understanding of the battle, by generating quotes of what they felt, smelt, saw and heard. Finally, they returned to the classroom to generate more ideas on sugar paper that will inspire their writing. 

In science, UKS2 have been focusing on using their prediction skills. They were given a series of different scenarios, asked to gather their own scientific evidence based on their findings, then were asked to predict what they thought the outcome would be. After they had written their predictions down, the children were asked to roleplay their predictions and draw scientific diagrams showing this!

In maths, Miss Barnicoat’s class put their knowledge of rounding to the test in their outside session. They took in turns racing different lengths and distances and practiced rounding their times to the nearest whole number and tenth. Then they measured the distance they could throw a frisbee and rounded that too! Finally the children competed in quick fire quizzes, timing each other and competing for the fastest response.


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