UKS2 – Newsletter – 23.2.24

A rainy one again this week!

In English, we started by breaking down the features of a persuasive letter, and learning our new SPaG objectives. To end the week, year 5 researched more into the environmental issues that are prevalent in South America collecting the information to use in our own persuasive letter, and year 6 used the Now Press Play headphones to learn about a group of explorers journeying through the Amazon rainforest for a plant with medical properties, however the mining within the forest effected the plant potentially becoming destroyed. 

Class 8 and class 9 have been multiplying improper fractions and mixed numbers by whole integers this week. Class 10 have been using numicon to convert fractions to percentages, and using methods to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. Mrs Tillotson’s class are learning about enlarging shapes in Maths, so they went onto the field and created shapes out of sticks, drew a sketch and then were given a scale factor to enlarge their shape by. Accuracy is key, so not only did they have to accurately measure the length of the sides so they matched up with their sketch, they also had to measure their angles to make sure they were exactly the same in both shapes.

In history this week, we researched all about the infamous footballer Pele, and the impact of his life on South America and the world. We used a range of both primary resources (pictures) as well as secondary sources (videos and texts) to collect our information. 

In science, we looked deeper into the adaptations of animals. We researched various animals and their behavioural and physical adaptations, then discussed some of the similarities and differences between each one. 


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