UKS2 – Newsletter – 28.04.23

It has been and action packed week in UKS2. 

On Monday in Forest School, the children created their own Islamic art in the form of mandalas. They foraged for their materials, and used inspiration from the shapes on nature to generate their decorative pieces. There were some super creations and fantastic teamwork.

In computing, Class 8 began their new topic of handling data. Using 2Ivestigate on Purple Mash, the children selected a database and used the information within it to answer quiz questions. Across the duration of the lesson the children grew in confidence in using the software and have started to develop their understanding of databases. 

In PE, the children in UKS2 continued their learning about football and athletics. In football, they focused on their dribbling skills by developing their turning skills whilst dribbling. In athletics, they focused on their sprinting techniques which included the position of their arms and hands.

Children in class 9 are involved in a project with artist Diane Riding to produce a mural for a special event celebrating Leeds City of culture 2023 at Ralph Thorsby school on July 15th. Watch this space to see how the artwork progresses!

Over the course of yesterday and today, the children from Miss Chambers’ maths class used place value counters to create different decimal, fraction and percentage equivalents. They chose a question card and built the decimal using place value counters on a place value chart. After having shown their repeated fraction addition number sentences, they showed the percentage and fraction equivalents to their decimal.

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