UKS2 – Newsletter – 8.3.24

What a great week it has been in UKS2!

On Thursday, we all celebrated World Book Day! Each class in KS2 chose a book written by Julia Donaldson and based their day around that book. Class 8 chose Monkey Puzzle, Class 9 chose Room on the Boom and Class 10 chose The Gruffalo. To begin the day, we enjoyed an assembly learning all about the importance of reading and completed a quiz – children against teachers! Then, in classes, we took part in an online quiz with many famous names in football giving us the questions! After this, we all created a twisted piece based on our book. In the afternoon, we took part in a range of activities such as making animations on our twisted tale, creating a front cover for our piece and we even created a drama piece following what we had written. What a great day! 

In English, we have all been completing our drafts of our persuasive letter to the South American government pleading them to help with the current environmental issues. To end the week, we all wrote up our published piece. 

Miss Boyd’s maths group have been looking at equivalent fractions and decimals this week, moving onto completing comparing and ordering questions. Mrs T’s group have looked at graphs, specifically bar, line and pie charts. Mr Kershaw’s group have been learning how to find the area and perimeter of quadrilaterals and triangles and Miss Barnicoat’s class have been looking at the place value of decimals and their percentage equivalents. 

In science, we looked at various plants, their climates, and the many adaptations of each. We draw diagrams of each plant, some from wet climates and some from dry climates, and labelled these with the behavioural and physical adaptations. Some of us also looked at the similarities and differences between them all. 

In RE, we looked at Jewish and Buddhist views on forgiveness. We created a Venn diagram to compare the different views. 

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