Wellbeing Wednesday – Forest School

Pupils in the younger group talked about feelings this morning in their Forest School Wellbeing Wednesday session. We focused on the emotion ‘happy’ today and discussed how we feel when we are happy and what triggers this feeling within us. There were some great responses including being with friends, playing, trying new things and doing something successful and achieving at a task. With that in mind, pupils then took on a series of tasks across the morning. First, they played on the slackline and in the Forest School area for a period of time. After, we discussed our emotions and what had triggered them. Children then set about a series of jobs that either helped Mr Gamble, each other, the school enviornment or the school animals. After each challenge was completed, children discussed their emotions, what had made them feel like this and how it had impacted on them during the task. The older group spent their session learning about Forest School games. Working together on occasions or individually at times, pupils took part in lots of games where they put into practice the rules, fairness, competition, speaking and listening skills, determination and teamwork. The children had a great time learning the new games and they could all talk about how they had impacted on their wellbeing throughout the session. 

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