Wellbeing Wednesday – Forest School

Today we have had two great sessions despite the unusually cold weather for this time of year! The older pupils began my playing a couple of getting to know you games as there were lots of new faces in the group before beginning our first challenge of the day – making a picture frame! Using seceuteurs and loppers, children sourced sticks from the Forest School area and cut them to size. Next, they used string and a variety of methods, including ‘frapping,’ for attaching the sticks together to create a frame. Once completed, children took their frames and took photos of objects in our school garden area before creating one of their images in the frame using loose parts. After discussing what we’d made and how we had done it, children then had a go at leaf printing by hammering leaves inbetween cloth. They were amazed at the detail which transferred onto the pieces of fabric and finally put these in their picture frames from earlier. The younger pupils spent their session learning about animal husbandry. This included how to act around the animals, how to handle them and how to provide basic animal care such as feeding them and brushing their coats. They finished their session by collecting the eggs from the chickens and putting them in the office for sale! 

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