Whirlpool Group – Robinwood

It’s been an action packed day here at Robinwood for Whirlpool Group! The day began with crate challenge where children worked in small teams to create the tallest towers they could using crates without falling off! Next was the knight’s quest where pupils challenged themselves and needed to show new levels of determination, cooperation and problem solving to solve the quests and raise the flag. The last activity before lunch was canoeing on the lake! Each member of Whirlpool were fantastic and took to the task like ducks to water! Within minutes, every child could steer forwards and backwards and turn their canoe left and right. After lunch, pupils tackled the nightline, dungeon of doom and competed in teams at archery. They have all had such a great day and never flinched from anything that’s been asked of them. The highlight of the day has been the amount of encouragement and support they have given to each other – a true team!

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