Whirlpool Group – Robinwood

Whirlpool group have enjoyed an action packed afternoon outside! The first challenge was the Challenge Course where pupils had to work in small teams to unlock the secrets of the tale from centuries ago of enchanted armour and ancient gold to save the Lord of Dobroyd Castle before facing their fears on the Giant Swing. All the children were so brave and up for the challenge of going to the top, which really pushed some of them out of their comfort zones and into their challenge zones! Continuing with a height theme, pupils then zoomed down the zip wire, completing a number of challenges including dropping bean bags on numbered targets to score as many points as possible. After tea, the group took on the climbing wall before their evening team challenge and a welcome cup of hot chocolate. Despite a bit of rain and a cold wind, every single member of Whirlpool pushed themselves and encouraged each other; showing great support for one another. What a great first day team!

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