Year 1 – Bugs – Forest School

We’ve had a great day today in Year 1 during our Forest School sessions despite the torrential rain at times! Building on our skills in loose parts from last half-term, we began by looking at the school’s bug hotel. We discussed why it was there, what it’s used by and for, how it had been made and what might live in there. We then went on a bug hunt around the school field using our magnifying glasses. Turning over leaves, stones and logs, we were delighted to find a wide range of insects including spiders, ladybirds, beetles, woodlice, worms, slugs, snails and even a shield bug! Children were then tasked to recreate the bugs they’d discovered using loose parts. Which bugs can you spot? To end the session, we placed all the natural resources we had used into the bug hotel for the coming winter to help the creepy crawlies at Cookridge!

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