Year 4 – Forest School

As there was no swimming today, Year 4 have enjoyed an extra session of Forest School and PE. In Forest School, pupils were introduced to risk and risk management in a number of ways. Firstly, pupils were allowed to play on the ninja slackline and tree house after listening to the safety instructions and watching good practice being modelled. We discussed why we did this and the different ‘zones’ children would experience whilst on the equipment; such as their comfort zone, challenge zone and fear zone. We talked about one in turn before pupils managed their own challenge, risk and safety. As well as this, children were also introduced to our school goats (Nigel and Doughnut) and the associated risk and safety measures in walking them. After that, children worked in teams to walk Nigel and Doughnut to specific points on our school field using different handling techniques and a food bucket. With effective communication and teamwork, all the groups did exceptionally well for their first time in walking the goats. 

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