Year 3 have had a wonderful World Book Day! We started the day by telling our friends about the costumes we were wearing, and also talking about our favourite stories and books. We were also visited by Batman, who read us a story! Then we watched a World Book Day Event, in which lots of authors and illustrators shared their ideas and explained where they got their inspiration from. Today we really focused on imagination, and how to use descriptive language to create a fantasy setting. We watched some film clips to inspire us, and gathered adjectives using a thesaurus. We also looked at setting descriptions from book such as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and Harry Potter, and used a highlighter to pick out the effective adjectives and similes. Then we planned out our own imaginary setting! In the afternoon, we made our setting by drawing, painting, and using recyclable materials. The children’s enthusiasm and range of ideas and creativity were wonderful, and overall it’s been a fantastic day! 

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