Free School Meals ENDING

19th July 2021


Universal Free School Meals to End 


Dear Parents/Carers,   


From September 2021 your child (currently in Year 2) will no longer be entitled to Universal Free School Meals. 

School meals from September 2021 will be £2.35 per day, £11.75 per week.

If you will be sending your child with a packed lunch from September, please complete form below before the 22nd July 2021.

If you do not reply to this post we will presume you want your child to continue as they are at the moment.

If you are on benefits your child may be entitled to free school meals.

You need to act NOW

As you may be aware there has been a change in how benefits are calculated. Due to this you MAY be entitled to claim Free School Meals. As children in Y2 will need to pay for school meals in September when they move up into Y3 it is important to find out if you are eligible for FREE SCHOOL MEALS , if you are unsure please contact Leeds Revenues and Benefits Service on 0113 2224404.

Yours faithfully,


Mrs L Hunter

Head teacher


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