Key Stage 1 – Newsletter – 8.10.21

We have had another fun filled week in Key stage one with plenty of outdoor learning.

We have begun to read ‘Zog’ this week and used it as an inspiration for both our English and Forest schools sessions. We began the week by using the apparatus in the hall to practise our flying skills just like Zog did and earning golden stars. Year 1 then learnt how to use flints to make sparks for fire – as Zog practised breathing fire and learnt how to roar. They used these experiences in their writing, linked with their phonics work. Year 2 began learning about the features of a Diary, writing in the past tense, writing in the first person etc.. They then used this to write their own diary as though they were Zog, thinking about all the things he had been learning.

In Maths, Year 1 have been counting to 100 and back and completing hundred squares. They have begun to learn about the place value of tens and ones and learning how to represent these in different ways. In year 2, they have been continuing to practise their place value skills and have been counting in tens and twos.

In Computing, we have been continuing our understanding of E safety. We have been reinforcing the fact we must never share personal information on line and ensuring the children know what information that includes. We have also been thinking about using a nickname online or playing games and have created a new nickname we could call ourselves.

We had fun doing experiments in Science using eggs this week. We thought about what happens if we drop an egg. We realised that the egg would smash and then worked together to do an investigation to work out what we could wrap the eggs in to protect them if they were dropped. We wrapped the eggs up in a variety of materials and observed which ones protected the eggs and which ones didn’t.

Today was National Forest Schools Day. Thank you to everyone who remembered to bring in a stick and especially those who brought in an extra one! It was fun to play ‘This is not a stick’ and think of lots of crazy things we could pretend it is instead. We enjoyed exploring the forest schools area and learning how to whittle our stick safely, wearing a glove and ensuring we sweep away from our bodies.

Monday 18th October – Talent show. Please practise any songs etc.. with your child at home so that they feel confident to perform.

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