KS1 – Newsletter – 1.4.22

What a half term of all seasons!! This holiday has certainly come around quicker than the last one and we hope that you all have a fantastic break with your families and enjoy those Easter Egg hunts!

In English, Year One have been looking at Easter poetry and then writing their own Easter shape poems. They have also written poems to send to Cookridge Court Care Home. Year 2 finalised their story of Peter Pan. They planned the last section, edited it using purple pens to spot grammatical and spelling errors and also adding in improvements. They then published their finished pieces to be put on display.

In Maths, Year one have been exploring volume and have been investigating using sand and water, how different shaped containers hold the same amount. In Year two, one groups have been finding a half and a quarter of a number, using practical resources for sharing. The other group have been looking at data. They have been reading and applying data using bar chart, pictograms and tally charts.

We have continued learning about the seven continents and five oceans of the world. They have been using Atlas’ to locate and recognise them on the map of the world. They have also been using compass points to answer questions about where Pirate Pete might travel. For example, if he was in the Indian ocean and travelled North, which continent would he arrive in.

In Computing the children have continued to use the Beebots to move around the map of the Uk, finding different cities. They have been completing algorithms with missing instructions and debugging algorithms that have an incorrect, extra or missing instruction.

Art this week was focused on a piece of art work from Katsushika Hokusai called ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. First the children observed the artwork and drew it out in their sketch books. They then worked together on a large outline of the wave, placing objects such as pencils and buttons to create the picture.

In Music the children were watching some of the Peter Pan movie. They listened to it firstly with the music off. They then watched it again with the music on and discussed the impact that the music had. They also continued with their work on pitch, notation and keeping a steady beat.

RE, was focused around Easter. Both year groups looked at the events we now remember in Holy week. Year one drew pictures to tell of the events in Jesus’ life and thought about how Easter is sometimes celebrated eg. Special services, sending Easter cards, making Easter gardens etc.. Year 2 were retelling the events in their own words from Palm Sunday, through to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Have a look at this competition about healthy eating. If you want to take part, bring your entries into school after the Easter holidays. They will be collected by Mrs Koopman and she will send them all away together.

Campaign Brief

1.4.22 – Break up for Easter

19.4.22 – Training day

20.4.22 – Return to school

NEW DATE 13.6.22: Trip to Cannon Hall Farm – You can log on to Parentpay now, to begin paying and spread the cost


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