KS1 – Newsletter – 12.11.21

Our castles topic is in full swing now and the children are getting good at naming the different features of a castle. Our forest schools session focused around making a castle, using tarps and ropes etc… we had to ensure we had a roof, walls that could stop people coming in and then began to add features like a drawbridge.

We continue our castles focus in English this week. In Year 2 we looked at castles made out of different materials. We then designed our own castles using food to create the different features eg, breadsticks for the towers and potato waffles for the portcullis! We then used our ideas to write about the castles using adjectives to describe each feature. Year 1 began reading ‘The Paper bag Princess’ and used this for phoneme spotting. They then sequenced this story and others on Purple Mash.

In Maths, Year 1 have been focusing on number bonds to ten, using part whole models. Year 2 have been adding two digit numbers practically, using base ten, pictorially, drawing out tens and ones and beginning to use column addition and part/ whole models.

In Science, we have been performing simple experiments. We were investigating which mixture of water and sand would make the best sandcastle. We thought about how to make it a fair test and measured the amount of water we put into each portion of sand.

In Computing, we were beginning to look at algorithms. We began this by doing some practical algorithm. Using our verbal skills to give a set of instructions to make a jam sandwich. We quickly realised when we don’t give the exact instruction we meant, the process goes wrong. The children then had to sequence some pictures (year 2 also wrote the instruction alongside) to show the order things needed to happen.

In PHSE we have been doing our Mindmate lessons. In Year one, they focused on how we know when someone else is feeling happy and what makes them feel happy, using a story about Elmer. In Year two, they looked at how our behaviour can affect others, using the story of ‘The Sneetches’.

On Thursday, we learnt about Remembrance day. We learnt about why we wear poppies and when they were first introduced. We all made poppies using a variety of media and year 2 completed a reading comprehension about it.

Key Dates:

16.11.21-Parent phone consultations (Please ensure you have booked a slot via the website)

18.11.21-Year One -Trip to Chevin-Forest RESCHEDULED for 2.12.21

25.11.21-Year Two-Trip to Chevin-Forest Schools clothes needed

2.12.21 – Year One – Trip to Chevin – Forest schools clothes needed

8.12.21-Christmas Production- am and pm

17.12.21-Break up



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