KS1 – Newsletter – 14.1.22

In English, we have been exploring our topic on Space. Year one have begun to learn about Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong. They were doing this through role play, fact finding and beginning to make timelines. Year two were discovering what it’s like to live on the International Space station. They learned about how they move, clean their teeth, what they eat and how they sleep. They then used the knowledge they had gained to write a leaflet about living in space.

Year one have been doing a range of activities solving addition problems up to 20, involving fact families, numberlines, part whole models and bar models. In year two, some children have been exploring the inverse operation and some children have begun to explore money – adding up a variety of amounts in coins and notes.

In Art the children looked at photographs of footprints on the moon and discussed how they have remained there because there is no wind. They then created their own footprints on the moon, using foam tiles. They drew around their foot, looked at the prints on their sole and used a variety items such as lego, to recreate the pattern. They then spread paint on them and used these to print the shape onto paper.

In Music, the children were using beat markers and Duplo to join in with songs and two tone beats. They practised pitch using the two tones, high and low. They then also sang phonic songs and used xylophones, chime bars, drums and ganzas to accompany a space story, creating appropriate sounds.

In RE this week, Year One began a topic of significant people in faith. They heard a story that is told in both the Christian and Islamic faith, or Noah/ Nur and what happened when he built an ark as the earth was flooded. Year two began a topic about the life of Jesus. They built on their knowledge of his birth in the Christmas story, to hearing about how he was Baptised and began his ministry and how he called the twelve disciples.

We continued our topic on materials this week, beginning to look at the properties of a material and why they may be used for different purposes. We looked at materials such as glass, wood, metal, fabric and plastic. We then sorted and categorised them, thinking about whether they were hard, flexible, opaque, smooth or magnetic. We placed them into venn diagrams, noticing that different materials may possess some properties and not others, or may have multi properties that we were assessing.

In Geography, we began to look at different views and discussed perspective. From ground views to aerial views. We looked at various pictures with different views and thought about whether they were taken from the ground or the air and how they could tell. We noticed that you can see a lot more from the air than the ground. We then had a selection of pictures that we categorised into aerial and ground pictures, matching photographs of the same place noticing it from the air and on the ground.

We had exciting news just before Christmas, when we discovered that the rabbits in our school garden had had babies! Three infact. Some of the children have enjoyed visiting them up in the garden and one of the babies visited a classroom.

Please remember, if you have any bottles, or other modelling items that could be used to make rockets (eg lids, small pie foil trays etc..) please send them into school.

Key Dates:

w/b 17.2.22 – week 2 PPA.

18.2.22 – Break up

28.2.22 – Return to school

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