KS1 – Newsletter – 20.1.22

Another busy week in Key Stage One this week, learning more about our Space topic.

We had Forest schools on Monday, where we enjoyed creating rockets and thinking about what we needed to include and counting down to blast them off into space.

Year 1 had a DT day, creating rockets out of a whole variety of bottles, tubs and other recycling materials. They used this as an inspiration for their writing. They thought about where their rocket creation could take them and what and who they would see there. The teachers were really impressed with their knowledge and use of phonics. Year 2 linked history into their English, to find out lots of facts about Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong. They recalled these facts to write fact files about the two men, thinking about key dates and events in their careers. They continued to use this knowledge to place key events onto a timeline.

In Maths, Year One have begun to focus on subtraction. They have been learning how to do this in a variety of ways. In Year two, one group has been looking at missing numbers. They have been practising how to find a missing number using the inverse operation. The other group have been learning how to make given amounts of money, using different coins and notes.

There is a new app that we would recommend to you all linked to the Maths scheme we follow.  Please see the link below- 1 Mins Maths. This needs no log in and it’s free!


Our experiment for Science this week was linked to space suits. We were challenged to find a material that would keep an astronaut warm. Therefore, we conducted an experiment using cups of hot water. We wrapped them in four different materials; fabric, tinfoil, tissue paper and bubble wrap. We put a thermometer in each one and checked the temperature every 5 minutes. We found that Bubble wrap kept the water warmer for the longest, so it was the best insulator.

In computing, we began to use our understanding of algorithms to program the Beebots effectively. We learned the importance of pressing the X button before inputting each set of instructions to clear the instructions from before. We used the arrow keys to input a set of instructions and found which planet/ star they took the Beebot to on our space sheet.

Thank you for all the bottles and junk modelling things you have sent in to school. We do not need any more now, Thank you.

Key Dates:

25.1.22 – PPA day – PE kits to be worn please

18.2.22 – Break up

28.2.22 – TRAINING DAY

1.3.22 – Return to school

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