KS1 – Newsletter – 26.11.21

It’s turned quite cold this week, but that hasn’t stopped us getting out to enjoy forest schools.

It began at the beginning of the week, when we linked our computing with Forest schools. The children are learning about algorithms and how important it is to give very precise instructions for them to work. We made rope obstacle courses around the trees and the children worked with a blindfolded partner to guide them around by giving clear instructions.

Year 2 also had great fun down on Otley Chevin. The children were simply happy with the bus ride, but all participated really well with games such as ‘This is not a stick’ and ‘Eagle eyes open’. They then worked well together, to decide where they could build a den, how to attach it well and how to ensure that it would be a good shelter and one not easily invaded.

Our computing also continued in the classroom, where we were building simple castles using multi link. However, again the children had to practise their careful instructions (algorithm) when explaining what to do. In a group of three one gave the instructions, one was the ‘finder’ who had to get the correct blocks and one was the ‘builder’ who had to put them together as instructed. They all swapped around to experience each role.

In English Year Two continued using ‘The Paper bag Princess’ as their stimulus. They began to learn about the difference between statements and questions and sorted lots of sentences into the correct category. They then looked at the features of a letter and how it needs to be laid out. They thought about what questions they would ask the dragon if they were Princess Elizabeth and used these to write a letter to him.

In Year One, they have been reading ‘George and the Dragon’. They have made puppets from the story to be able to retell the story together. They ordered pictures from the story and completed tasks on Purple Mash.

In Maths, Year 2 have been focusing on adding two digit numbers and beginning to subtract two digit numbers (without borrowing). They began by making numbers using Base 10 and physically taking numbers away and then began to look at how to lay a subtraction in a column method. In Year One, they have continued to learn their number bonds to 10. They have done this in lots of practical ways, inside and outside. Try testing them at home and see how quickly their can recall them!

In Science, we did a fun investigation to see what happens when Skittles are put around the outside of a plate and warm water is poured into the middle. The children were very excited to see the rainbow colours spreading into the middle. They made some good predictions and asked some great questions about what was happening.

Key Dates:

2.12.21 – Year One -Trip to Chevin – Forest school clothes needed

8.12.21 – Christmas Production – Due to current guidelines, we are unable to welcome parents and carers in this year. However, we will video the production for you all to see and take an individual photograph of your child in their costume.

17.12.21 – Break up

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