LKS2 – Class 6 – Science

Yesterday, in science, we investigated how shadows are formed and how their shape and size can change. We started by experimenting with a torch and various objects, to see what we noticed about shadows. We found that some objects cast very interesting shadows, for example a water bottle. We also noticed that moving the light source made the shadow move.

Then we focused on how to change the size of a shadow. Using a metre stick, we held a torch at various heights and drew around the shadow made by a base ten block. We found that the closer the light source, the larger the shadow. To make the shadow smaller, we moved the light source further away. We discussed all of the things we noticed during our experiment, and then predicted why we thought that the shadow got smaller the further the light source was. We learnt that the closer the light source, the more light was blocked, which in turn created a bigger shadow. 


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