LKS2 – Newsletter – 15.10.21

LKS2 have had an action packed week! 

In English this week, Y3/4 have continued reading The Animals of Farthing Wood. On Tuesday, we spent our English lesson completing a meaning breakdown activity. This involved finding words in the text that we didn’t know the meaning of. Then, using strategies, such as reading forwards and backwards in the text, to help us define them. We have spent the week focusing on the first two chapters, and today we predicted what we think is going to happen next. 



This morning, Miss Evan’s math’s group (class 5 and 6) worked in small groups to apply their 4 x table knowledge to harder reasoning questions. They picked out key information in the question and discussed our answers and reasoning as a group. The questions required them to have secure understanding of the multiplication and division facts for the 4 x table. 


In Miss Boyd’s math’s group (class 6 and 7) this week, we have been learning negative numbers. We focused on numbers from -20 to 20 first then carried on to look at more complex questions involving three or four digit negative numbers, money and temperature.

On Tuesday, we planned a science experiment! We worked scientifically to think about how to set up an experiment, and make sure it was a reliable, fair test. This involved thinking of a question, the equipment we would need, a prediction and recording our results. Our question was: ‘Will the natural item sink or float?’, so, we went outside to find our equipment (for example, sticks, rocks and leaves). We were very impressed with the LKS2 scientists! 


Thursday was an exciting day for both Year 3 and 4. Year 3 stayed in school and began our local history study, thinking all about Leeds. To begin the day, we recapped our understanding of chronology, by completing an activity where we had to put simple events in order of how they would happen. We went upstairs to look at the school timeline, and this helped us see how dates can be used to compare when events happened. Before we began our project research, we looked over how to research and the safety aspects of researching. We then challenged ourselves to answer a short quiz using trusted web searches to find the answers. For the rest of the day, we began researching Kirkstall Abbey, and completed the first page of our project!



Well done to our learnatics this week: 

Phoebe and Elsa – Class 5

Malk and Nadyne – Class 6 

Tyler and Evie – Class 7 

Important Notices: 

We have three forest schools sessions next week. Please send your children in suitable clothing on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Year 4  –   The deadline for the Robin Wood deposit is next Friday 22nd October 2021. 

Thank you for your continued support this half term. We hope you have a great weekend! 

LKS2 Team 




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