LKS2 – Newsletter – 8.7.22

LKS2 have had a busy week of tests however have made good use of the afternoons!

In English, we have continued with lessons and have been learning more about comparing and using determiners correctly. On Thursday, we had a stimulus morning where we created our own Viking weapons out of cardboard and paint, and then acted out the Battle of Stamford Bridge battle between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. 

In science this week, we used our prior knowledge of forces and magnets to investigate the two poles of a magnet. To begin with, we recapped our learning from last week, thinking about how some sides of a magnet pull together and some sides push away from each other. In groups, we had four small bar magnets and a race track. We independently investigated how we could get one of the magnets to cross over the racetrack without toughing it and by using one other magnet. We came up with lots of ideas, including putting one of the magnets underneath the table and trying to move the other magnet across the racetrack. We thought this would work as we knew that the magnetic force can work through objects and opposite poles attract. After trialling various ways, we realised that using the same poles close to each other would push one of the magnets across the racetrack without any contact. We then used an Ipad to time each other and raced our magnets across to the finish line.

In geography, Class 7 went on a walk around our local area. We started by looking at an OS map of Cookridge, and locating where our school building is. Then we went on a local walk, using the OS map and a key to identify key features such as main roads and a church. As we walked, we used a compass to orientate the map and keep track of the direction we were facing.


Today, we worked in groups to research the history of York. We chose an era to research – Viking York, Roman York or modern day York. Working with a partner, we read an information text about our chosen era, gathering facts about significant events, dates and people from the time. We underlined key information and recorded our notes on a research sheet. Then we used an iPad or laptop to find out extra information, including looking at pictures of buildings from the time. Finally, we shared what we had found out with our group, drawing contrasts and comparisons between the different time periods.


Important notices:

  • Monday is sports day. Your child needs to come to school in PE clothing, along side a labelled water bottle, sun cream and a hat. 
  • Tuesday is the Big Swing trip for classes 6 & 7. Class 5 will be going on Wednesday. Your child will have received a letter today, which needs to be returned on Monday. Your child should wear clothing suited to the weather and bring a packed lunch (unless FSM) and a labelled water bottle. 

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