LKS2 – Year 4 – Forest School

This morning, Year 4 have had a fantastic morning of Forest School activities! The children’s first activity was a real challenge: the children took a conker and had to work in groups to make it the highest, furthest or fastest conker. They could not move the conker themselves but had to use string, rope, plant pots and natural resources to complete the challenge. Some children built catapults, others used plant pots to balance the conker on a branch. It was a tricky task but the problem solving skills and resilience demonstrated was fantastic. After break, we thought about what Forest School meant to us at Cookridge Primary School. Children came up with teamwork, resilience and fun, amongst many other things. Then, using these values and ideas, in small groups the children designed their own Forest School badge. They had to use natural resources to build their badge on to a piece of material. Overall, it was a really wonderful morning, celebrating the key values of Forest School.


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