School’s Yellow PE Uniform

As you are aware when children enter school, they are enter into a coloured team. These teams are used for a number of different reasons e.g. sports teams, house teams, organisational reasons and many more. Through observations, pupil and parent/carer feedback, we have come to the conclusion that the Yellow PE Kit is very hard to clean and maintain.

We take pupil voice and parent/carer voice very seriously and are thinking about a colour change to this team colour in order to support our families and to respond to feedback. However, we are very aware of increasing cost of living and, if there is a change, want to support families to make this change by phasing in the new colour.

What does this mean?  – We would ask families of children in Yellow team that when they next have to buy a new PE kit, they buy the new colour kit instead of Yellow. If you have recently bought a new Yellow PE kit this doesn’t matter, children can continue to wear this until it becomes too small or needs replacing.

After seeking ideas from pupil voice, the children have selected two favourite colours – Purple and Black

Please can we ask you to take the time to fill out the form below to democratically answer the following two questions:

Would you like the Yellow team colour to be changed?

If yes, which colour would you change it to?

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Kind regards

Cookridge Team


This form can also be found on your child’s class page.

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