UKS2 – Cross-Curricular Day

We’ve had a fantastic cross-curricular day in UKS2! Today, the children completed three activities over the course of the day to develop their understanding and skills in Forest School, Geography and Science.

In Forest School, the children continued their bird box projects. Class 9 designed their bird boxes using their research and sketches to aid this process. The children considered the materials they would use as well as the tools they would need to build their bird box. Classes 8 and 10 used their designs to begin the prototyping stage of the process: the children used cardboard boxes to bring their designs to life and consider how their designs would work practically.

In Geography, each class used the school field and playground to conduct fieldwork. The children used their observation skills to collect their own data about the physical and human characteristics of the school and its surrounding areas. In class, they then recorded their data using tally charting.

Finally, in Science the children continued our topic of Space and Light. Using their skills to work scientifically, the children investigated whether light travels in straight; how shadows are formed; and how we as humans need light to see. 


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