UKS2 – Newsletter – 17.09.2021

It has been a very busy week in UKS2! On Monday, the children had their first cross curricular day of the new academic year! All classes had the opportunity to carousel around three different activities. The first session was based around science, with pupils working in groups to try and create an experiment based on the statement, ‘The bigger the item, the more water is displaced’.  The second session was Forest School and pupils worked in the garden space (working alongside Mr Gamble) to develop their sawing skills, their creativity with rock art and having some fun on the tree house! In the final session, students used the Now Press Play headphones to be taken back in time and revisit the Ancient Greeks and further develop their knowledge of our current topic.

On Wednesday, we used the field to role-play the battle of Marathon. Pupils had the opportunity to become either the fierce Greek infantry or the terrifying Persian army! During the session we paused and discussed about how we felt, what we could see, smell and hear and how we could use this information to help in our English write.

On Thursday, the children had a fantastic athletics PE session in the sun! Pupils had the opportunity to develop their throwing, running and jumping skills with a number of different activities.  

Finally, our learnatics for this week are Innayah and Ariyan (Class 8),  Harvey and Yasmine (Class 9) and Lucy and Nyla  (Class 10). Ooh ah! You’re a star!


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