Wellbeing Wednesday Groups

Wellbeing groups today were simply fantastic. Group One discussed what wellbeing is and how it can come from achieving something or by learning new skills. Straightaway, they were thrust into making hot chocolate for everyone using a kelly kettle. Learning how to build fire lays, fire safety and how to use a flint and steel, pupils were successful and we linked it back to overcoming difficulties and the positive feelings we get from that. Group Two were introduced to sit spotting – a technique used in meditation. Pupils had to find a spot amongst the trees, sit down and spot things. They counted and identified birds, watched clouds roll across the sky, spotted all the different colours of autumn and concentrated on deep, slow breathing. Children all agreed that spending time slowing down and being amongst trees made them all feel better. Finally, the group took some rabbit food and sat with them – everyone was so still and calm that the rabbits were eating out of the palm of their hands. 

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