Class 6 Museum Trip!

Class 6 had a fantastic time at Leeds City Museum yesterday! They took part in different activities to develop their knowledge about Ancient Egyptians, our topic for this term. Firstly, we got to explore the Ancient Worlds Gallery, hunting for Egyptian artefacts, such as canopic jars and amulets, which we learnt were found by archaeologists. We even got to look at a real life Egyptian mummy, which is thousands of years old! We noticed lots of different things about the mummy, including the silk bandages and hieroglyphics on the mummy’s coffin. Then, we learnt about the process of mummification. We worked in groups to mummify a doll, which involved pulling out it’s organs and wrapping it in bandages. At the museum, Class 6 asked lots of interesting questions and had lots of facts to share – the teachers were very impressed! 

Back in school, we got to complete an activity that the museum had given us. We were given clay, and made our very own good luck amulet. Lots of chose to decorate them with hieroglyphics of our names or initials. Once the clay has hardened, we will be able to keep these at school or bring them home for good luck. We had a great day and the children can’t wait to learn even more about the Egyptians! 


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