EYFS – Newsletter – 01/03/24

We have been all over the place this week – all around the globe that is! As we continue our topic of Location, Location, Location we have focused particularly on Asia, as we celebrated Chinese New Year on Tuesday. Reception helped contribute to a whole-school feast by baking lots of green buns. In addition, we have had chance to practise writing Chinese characters by copying the numbers 0-9, and by crafting their own Chinese dragon from a paper plate, to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. Some children even chose to build their own version of the Great Wall outside after seeing Mr Verdi’s holiday snaps.  The children have also loved sharing their own photos as we have become more familiar with the countries and counties of the United Kingdom. 

Phonics sessions, this week, have introduced the new digraph phonemes ‘ar’ (star) ‘or’ (horn) and ‘ur’ (purse). The children are working so hard to practise their skills in reading and writing and are becoming more and more independent as they grow in confidence. 


Our Maths sessions have focused on concentrated on the concept of addition. The children have been rehearsing how to add two groups together in different ways, and beginning to record this adding in number sentences.



On Thursday we all enjoyed a fantastic Forest School session in the school garden. The children were tasked with building a den out of tarpaulins, ropes, sticks and branches – a home fit for Mrs Arnott specifically. With this brief, the children got to work and collaborated brilliantly to come up with roofs and walls as well as useful interior touches such as a bed and bookshelves!

Next week is going to be a busy one in Reception! If you haven’t yet booked a parent consultation, there are still slots available after school on Wednesday 6th March – please see the school website to book. Thursday brings all the fun of World Book Day, where children are invited to join us in school dressed as a favourite book character (optional only, we will have costumes available to borrow on the day if needed). And finally, on Friday we are holding a celebration of foods from around the world, which will find us investigating food from all over the world, and by preparing dishes to try. Parents and carers are invited to join us from 2pm to hear about what we have learned and sample some of our delicious foods.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team


Diary Dates:

Monday 4th March – Parent consultations after school (Miss Rushworth)

Tuesday 5th March – Parent consultations after school (Miss Rushworth/Mr Verdi)

Wednesday 6th March – Parent consultations after school (Mr Verdi)

Thursday 7th March – World Book Day (children encouraged to dress as a favourite book character).

Friday 8th March – EYFS Foods of the World Celebration Event at 2:00pm (parents and carers welcomed to join us in Reception).

Wednesday 27th March – School closes for half term at 3:20pm

Monday 15th April – School reopens

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