EYFS – Newsletter – 06.10.2023

It’s been a full and fun week again in Reception! The children are really well settled into school life now and have wowed us all with how they follow instructions and look after each other. The children have continued to enjoy our All About Me! topic, with more children showing their photos to the class and sharing their stories of family activities. We’ve also been further exploring our senses, especially in Tuesday’s Art, Music and DT sessions with Mrs Ledda, Mrs Durrant and Mr Joy.

Wednesday morning saw all the children take part in a P.E. session, getting everyone moving in a variety of ways and having fun with all manner of games. On Wednesday afternoon, the children enjoyed another visit from their Class 6 reading buddies, where they shared a story and talked about it with the older children. 

Our phonics sessions this week have introduced the ‘p’ (puppy) ‘i’ (insect) and ‘n’ (nut) sounds with children engaging in sessions to help them hear, read and write these sounds. The children are focusing on recognising how to hear these sounds at the beginning of words and starting to blend these sounds together to read simple words. Any practice of these skills at home is always beneficial, so you may want to try a game of hunting for ‘p’ words in the kitchen (pan, pot, pasta!) or whilst out on a walk (path, park, pushchair!) or encouraging blending of words when looking at the children’s home reading books.

In Maths this week, the children have loved exploring concepts of measure and comparison. In these sessions, they have compared objects by size, by weight and by capacity with lots of practical engagement in finding things to compare inside and out. Again, these concepts are easy to explore at home, with children encouraged to use vocabulary of comparison (bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, heavier, lighter etc.). 

This week, we have continued to give all the children an opportunity to use our DT construction area to build with an adult. This has proved very popular with many children itching to get another go at sawing, hammering and gluing to make another masterpiece (prepare to accommodate lots of wooden delights in your homes, folks!). We’ve had lots of success and many proud children taking home their cars and aeroplanes!

Thank you all for taking the time to read our newsletter, please enjoy some more of the photos from this week below. Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team.

NEXT WEEK: Wednesday 11th October 5:00pm – EYFS Reading and Phonics Workshop at school (please come to the front office)



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