EYFS – Newsletter – 12/05/23

What an exciting week we have had in Reception!

On Tuesday the children had a great time sharing what they had been up to over the long weekend and the coronation events that they went to. In the playground they drew around each other using chalk and added features to make themselves into kings and queens!

In Phonics we have been recapping the graphemes ur, ow, oi and ear. Everyone did a super job reading different sentences and then drawing a picture to show they understood what they had read. They also tried hard to use all of the skills we have practised to write captions to go with different pictures.

In Maths we have investigated what the word ‘subtraction’ means and how we can count back to find the answer to different questions. The children experimented with how to use number lines, cubes and verbal counting to subtract numbers, and had a lot of fun knocking down foam bricks outside and writing number sentences to show how many bricks were left.

As part of our topic, we read several versions of the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and learnt about how plants grow. We retold the story using pictures, added the correct number of leaves to different beanstalks and drew pictures of what could be at the top of a beanstalk in our own stories.

On Thursday we had forest school and the children did a super job spotting signs of spring around the school grounds. Everyone also had the chance to plant their own bean and we are excited to watch them grow! In the afternoon, we had a look at a variety of different vegetables and the seeds inside them.

The children have also asked that we share pictures of the chicks growing for everyone to see. They certainly are getting bigger now!

Dates for the Diary:

Thursday 25th May – School trip to None Go Bye farm – Information and permission forms will be sent out on the app shortly.

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