EYFS – World Book Day

What a super day we have had celebrating World Book Day!

Our focus for the day was the book ‘Funny Bones’ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg and all of the staff in Reception dressed to match the story! We even had the story read to us by the Big Skeleton himself!

Around the classroom children had the chance to have a go at lots of different Funny Bones related activities. They could; count the number of bones in different bags, identify different animals from their x-rays, create their own moving cardboard skeleton puppets, paint a skeleton picture, direct a beebot around the dark, dark town, crawl through the dark, dark tunnel and write about what they saw, or direct a friend around the dark, dark (due to a blindfold) obstacle course!

We has two assemblies. Our first assembly in the morning introduced the day and included a quiz between the pupils and the teachers. It was a tight race but the children’s team won. Our afternoon assembly involved the KS2 classes sharing the twisted tales they had written during the day through animation, acting and storytelling.

Our final activity of the day was to welcome our mystery reader – Mr Lai – to join us to read his chosen story, ‘Mixed: A Colorful Story’, which we all thoroughly enjoyed!

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