Forest School – Wellbeing Wednesday

Groups today have certainly experienced most types of weather with wind, rain, sun and hail all thrown into the mix for our wellbeing sessions. The younger group compared their needs and feelings with those of our animals then discussed ways we could make them happier. So, we gave their hutches a good clean out, fed and watered them and pupils even had time for a few strokes and cuddles with Bagel and Kiwi. Afterwards, we compared what we had done for the animals and how we can help other people in our lives. The older group delved into emotions further by linking how achievement, self-worth and job satisfaction play a pivotal role in mental wellbeing. To that end, pupils used their fire making skills to make hot chocolate despite the rain. Finally, the group reflected on the emotions we felt throughout the session and strategies we used to manage them. Children then completed a page in their Forest School journals reflecting on the session, their feelings and new strategies to help them manage them. 

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