KS1 – Class Two – Cannon Hall Farm

We had the most wonderful day at the farm yesterday. We began by playing in the tunnels and visiting the ferrets and the meerkats. Next we had a tour of all the farrowing barns and saw all the newly born piglets. We had chance to feed the goats and saw the donkey’s, alpacas and cows before enjoying our picnic lunch. After that we went to watch the sheep races. We each had a colour sheep we were cheering on and the red sheep was the winner! We then played on the huge adventure playground, some of us even dared to  go down the massive slide! Then, we visited the roundhouse and watched some of the farm animals eating their lunch before heading off to the mammal house where we were amazed at the giant cloud rats. Finally, we took a look at the reptile house where we saw bearded dragons – just like spike, turtles, iguanas and much more! We had a fantastic day! 

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