KS1 – Forest School

Today pupils in KS1 have enjoyed a lovely day outside in our Forest School area. Looking in detail at the Forest School principle of ‘child-led’ learning, pupils discussed the various activities on offer to them and how each one offered a different challenge and how each activity provided learning opportunities. Across the sessions, children explored the tree house and slackline where they managed their own risk and worked together to complete different scenarios. Children also used the sandpit and mud kitchen where they participated in numerous tasks where role-play, communication, teamwork and imaginative play were fundamental. Groups also took part in tree planting where we palnted a new hedge along the back fence of the animal enclosure and used flint and steel to develop their fire starting skills. Following the correct method, pupils were challenged with making a spark first before moving onto a much harder challenge – setting a piece of cotton wool on fire. Children showed remarkable problem-solving skills and resilience to do this and were over the moon when they achieved both challenges! 

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