KS1 – Newsletter – 01.05.23

Another week has passed and what an exciting (and monumental) week it has been!


Our year 1 children have been working hard in English this week completing their stories linked to their land on the top of the Enchanted Wood. This was an extended, challenging write but they wrote some excellent stories with so much creativity. Our imagination has taken us to places like sweet lad, cave land and snow land just to name a few! Year 2 have been challenging themselves this week learning different types of punctuation. They have worked on exclamatory sentences using an exclamation mark, apostrophes for possession (Rosie’s jumper) and contraction (don’t) as well as learning about homophones. In reading, we have been recapping the skills we have learnt so far by answering different comprehension questions.

In phonics, year 2 have been learning the spelling ‘o’ that makes an ‘u’ sound. We have completed many activities such as bingo, ball games, heads up and challenged ourselves with some sentence work.

In Maths this week year one have been beginning to multiply. They have started with arrays and have shown they can order a range of columns and rows. Year 2 have been recapping core skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as understanding how to answer some complex reasoning questions and word problems.

In science year 1 have been sorting fruits and vegetables. They were all able to explain that fruits carry seeds. Year 2 have also been learning all about various fruits and vegetables and where they come from. They classified different foods into groups, labelled fruit and vegetables and discussed similarities and differences between them

In year 1 Geography the children were able to use a bird’s eye map to create Kirkstall industrial park, their mapping skills are developing as they now can use a key to label the maps.


What a fun-filled day we had!

We started our day with a ‘right royal party’ where we showed each other our best moves. After this we competed in relay races with books on our head to help us walk like kings and queens. We practiced our royal waves and how we would curtsey if we met King Charles. We did lots of crafts such as collaging King Charles’ head and decorating a coronation robe. We finished our day writing about different rules we would bring in if we were kings or queens.



Key Dates:

8.5.23-Bank Holiday 

16.5.23 – Year 2 SATS start – Despite the children having to take these tests we want them to feel as relaxed as possible.

24.5.23- YEAR ONE Phonics workshop

26.5.23- Training day- School closed for pupils

15.6.23 – Bridlington Trip


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