KS1 – Newsletter – 12.4.23

We hope that you have all had another fabulous long weekend, celebrating the King’s Coronation.

Year One have had a big phonics focus this week. They have been playing all kinds of phonics games and doing a variety of phonics activities. They thought about what food they might like at a Coronation party and found pictures to stick on large sheets of paper and used their phonics to sound out each item. Year Two have been practising their reading comprehension, reading texts and seeing if they could answer a variety of questions on vocabulary, retrieval, inference, sequencing and prediction.

In Maths, Year One have continued looking at groups and noticing equal and un equal groups. They then moved on to being about to add equal groups using repeated addition. Year Two have been practising using the four operations, thinking about what strategies they need to use and whether they need to use the inverse.

The children have been learning about Durer’s Rhino in Art. Having made a huge sculpture of the Rhino, the children have now begun to look at patterns. They have been looking at a whole variety of patterns in nature that they could use to decorate the Rhino.

In Food technology this week, following on from the Coronation celebrations, the children have been making scones. They could choose to make raisin, cherry, cheese or plain scones. They then practised their skills of weighing, rubbing in and using a cutter. In Wood technology the children have continued planning for a designing their bug hotels, using ipad technology.

The children in Year One were lucky enough to hear the clarinet and violin played in their music lesson this week. They have been listening to the ‘Carnival of the animals’. They were focusing mainly on ‘The March of the Lions’ and ‘Hens and Roosters’. Year Two were learning a new song ‘Tideo’, playing rhythm games, creating dances and making up a body percussion rhythm.

In RE, Year One have been learning about churches. They have looked at the features of a church and what things they might see in a church for example an altar, a lectern, a pulpit etc… They also learned about what happens in a church and why people go. In Year Two, the children have continued to look at rules and routines. This week, they were focusing on the Five Pillars of Islam. They have learnt what they are, why they are important and how they can be followed.

In Science, we have all been looking at plants and trees. We looked at all the different parts of a plant and tree and thought about their function. We then drew and labelled them. We also used magnifying glasses to take a very close look at flowers like dandelions and dissected them to have a look what it was like inside the stem.

In PSHE Year One have been thinking about people who can help them. They looked at a variety of jobs and how each of the people help for example Ambulance drivers, postal workers or fire fighters. They then looked at scenarios they could find them in and though about who could help them if they were stuck in their work, or lost etc… Year Two have been looking at how to have a healthy body. They began by exploring exercise and what it does to the body. They also learnt about how important sleep is for the body to rest and what happens during sleep.

We have enjoyed our reading this week as we had our reading buddies time on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, some of our Year One children went to Cookridge court to read with some of the residents. They had an amazing time and Mrs Koopman can’t wait to take the next group!

Key Dates:

Next week is week 2.

PE Kits needed for class 1 on Thursday and Classes 2 + 3 on Friday

May – SAT’s. Although the children have to complete these tests, we want them to be as relaxed as possible.

24th May – 2.45pm – Year 1 phonics screening meeting for parents

15th June – Trip to Bridlington




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