KS1 – Newsletter – 15.12.23

We would like to say a MASSIVE well done to all the children for their part in ‘The Bethlehem Bake Off’ play. We were so proud of each and everyone of them. They have worked so hard and they performed so well. Thank you to everyone who came to watch and support them and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. They also had a great response when we took them down to sing outside Asda. It was lovely to see people pause in their busy day to enjoy the children’s singing. We can’t thank people enough as we also raised £177.43!

It’s been an adventure in English this week. Year One have been looking back at the setting off the elf story and describing it. They then planned and wrote their own adventure story for the elf, where he left the North Pole and came to Cookridge Primary School to do cheeky things! Year two have also been doing their hot write this week, writing an adventure narrative about the elf and what he was up to.

In Maths, Year One have been learning about 3D shapes. They have been learning their names and have been spotting them around the environment. Why not have a look around at home and see if they can identifying the shape of any objects. They have begun to look at some of the properties of the shapes, noting the shape of their faces etc.. Year two have been focusing on 2D shapes. They have been learning about and discussing the properties of shapes and seeing if they could identify the shapes by listening to its properites.

We have continued to look at materials and their properties in Science. This week, the children were using venn diagrams to sort materials according to their properties. They used different properties to categorise the items noticing how they objects could appear in both hoops.

Year One have been consolidating their knowledge of percussion instruments. They have been playing musical games and making an elf band sheet. In Year two, they have finished off their work on the Nutcracker. In this final week they have been doing the ‘Russian dance’. They have choreographed their own routine as a class and designed a listening map to go with it.

In Art they have been using the pattern collages they created last time. They cut them into cupcake shapes and added embellishments, to create a cupcake picture.

In food technology the children have been creating Christmas bark. They spread out chocolate and decorated it with a variety of things such as pretzels, marshmallows and sprinkles to create snowmen and other Christmassy things. In design technology, the children have been looking back at the castles they made. They have been reviewing and evaluating what they did and how they could improve their work next time.

Next week is week 2:


Monday – Class 1 and 2

Thursday – Class 1 and 3

Friday – Class 2 and 3

Forest school – Tuesday for all of Key Stage One

Diary Dates:

Everyone can wear Christmas jumpers for the final week

Mon 18th Dec-KS1 Care Home event at school- Grandparents welcome-10am-11am

Thursday 21st – Christmas party games and food

Fri 22nd Dec- Break up

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