KS1 – Newsletter – 15.9.23

Welcome to Key Stage One everyone. Our year two’s have grown a little since last year and the new year one’s have settled in with them really well.

Hopefully you will all have seen the post from PPA day, to see all the fun activities your children were doing with the specialist teachers. Below, you will see what else your children have been doing in class this week.

We have done lots of practical Maths in year one this week, counting and representing numbers in a variety of ways, in the classroom and outdoors. In Year two, the children have been working on place value. They have been focusing on tens and ones, how they can be represented, both practically and in a written method using things like bar models and part – whole models.

In English we have all been focusing on hand writing. Year one started to read the book ‘Me on a map’. They discussed where they live in terms of Cookridge, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, Europe, The World! They used this to write some sentences about where they live. Year two having been writing their own sentences, unjumbling sentences and have been correcting mistakes within sentences.

We enjoyed completing an experiment in Science. We looked at different fruits and wondered about which ones would float and which would sink. We chose the equipment we would need, made our predictions and found two out of our five fruits floated. Why not have a go at home and see if you can find out which ones!

In RE, we began the year discussing what RE is, finding out what the children already know about Christianity and Islam and looking at some of the general things around those faiths. In Cookridge Primary school, we promote the learning of RE so that the children are aware of and understand what other people believe, places they may go to (eg mosque or church), things they might wear and what festivals they may celebrate and how. We hope that with this knowledge and understanding, it will create children who are tolerant of and respect other people and who care about their friends and what is important to them.

We had the ‘Now Press Play’ headphones out in computing this week. These are individual headphones that all play the same thing – like a silent disco! They were listening to a story that talked them through some e safety principles about what is safe and unsafe to share on line.

In PSHE this week, year one were looking at what is the same and what is different about us. We noticed physical things to compare, but also things that we are good at or like. In Year two, they were focusing on VIP’s. Who are the important people in their life and why.

Birthday notice: You will no doubt be aware that we are a ‘healthy school’ and as such, want to promote children being healthy in all areas. Therefore, one initiative we would like to promote is around birthdays. Many children bring in sweets and treats to share with their friends when it is their birthday. We will stop children doing this if this is their preferred way of celebrating. However, please be aware they MUST NOT CONTAIN NUTS. Another way of celebrating was introduced a number of years ago now. The children can bring in a book for the class library (The can be new or a good condition second hand book) and the child will be able to put a special sticker in the front to say it was donated for their birthday.

STICKS NEEDED: On Tuesday 19th September, we will all need a stick for Forest schools. When you are out and about this weekend, if you see a good stick, pick it up and bring it with you. Maybe you’ll find more than one! It needs to be bigger than you hand but no bigger than your arm and the cleaner the better! (No excess branches or leaves should be attached please).

Next week is week 2:


Monday – Class 1 and 2

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Forest school – Tuesday for all of Key Stage One

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25.9.23 – Parent event – 2.30 – 3.10


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