KS1 – Newsletter – 17.2.22

Phew, it’s been another long term and the children have been amazing! Thank you for your continued support for us and your children.

As you will no doubt be aware, we have had intruders in the school ground on three occasions over the last couple of weeks, causing vandalism and theft. As a school, we have been very saddened by that and the need to keep the children away from our Forest schools area. However, we are so incredibly grateful for all the kind messages of support from the parents and for the Just giving page being set up. Your kindness and generosity has really touched us all, so thank you.

In English this week, Year one have been focusing on their Common Exception Words, phonics and a reading assessment. The children will have brought home a record of what they have achieved and how they have progressed this year. Please have a look and see how you can continue to support them at home. We have finished our topic on space by linking English with DT, to make rockets in year two. The children then wrote about how they made their rockers, what things they used and how they attached them together. They then wrote evaluations about how they could improve their rockets, noticing what hadn’t worked well or simply could be made better/ stronger.

In Year One, they have been consolidating their knowledge of addition and subtraction skills in Maths. The children are becoming confident in using Numicon, numberlines, tens frames and part whole models to work out calculations. In Year two, they have been learning how to divide. Having developed good multiplication knowledge, they have begun to notice the relationship with the inverse, division, and the need to share amounts equally. They have done this practically, drawing out amounts and writing number sentences.

We had one final Space challenge in Science this week. Tim Peake’s rocket has broken and he needs us to help him make one. Mrs Koopman had a great idea, that we could make a balloon rocket! We had great fun making sure that we had a fair test, to see how far we could make the rockets move. We only changed the size and shape of the balloons to see which would create the most thrust and therefore move the furthest.

In PSHE, Year One were learning about Personal Hygiene. They were thinking about all the ways to keep ourselves clean such as washing hands, brushing teeth, having regular showers/ baths, wearing clean clothes etc.. We thought about how to wash our hands really well and practised washing them before ordering pictures of what we need to do. In Year Two, they finished their topic on jobs. They were looking at what technology is used in different jobs and why those technologies are needed.

After a very wet morning, we were able to get up to the Forest schools area later in the day. Year 2 were finding natural items and loose parts, to use to make parts of the solar system. They were able to tell us about which planets they had created and other things they might find in the solar system, like black holes.

Have a fantastic break and we look forward to seeing you all after the training day on Tuesday 1st March.

Key Dates:

18.2.22 – Break up

28.2.22 – TRAINING DAY

1.3.22 – Return to school (PPA day – Please wear PE kits)

3.3.22 – World Book day – More details to follow

11.3.22 – Pirate day – More details to follow

1.4.22 – Break up for Easter

25.4.22 – Trip to Cannon Hall Farm – More details to follow

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