KS1 – Newsletter – 19.1.24

It’s been a cold one this week! Thank you to everyone who sent their children in with warm clothing and a change of indoor/outdoor shoes.

Unfortunately, we do have nits around Key Stage One at the moment. Please be vigilant in checking your children’s hair and treating them where necessary to try and get rid of them once and for all!

We have continued to read our book ‘African Savannah’ in English this week. Year one have been enjoying videos sent in from Mr Koopman, learning some Afrikaans words. He has also been challenging them to find out facts about different animals and this week they have been writing about zebras. They have also been doing various reading activities to find out information about African animals. Both year groups have been writing a diary entry as though they had been on Safari. Year One focused on zebras, year two were

In Maths, Year one have begun learning how to subtract. This week they have focused mainly on subtracting from ten. They have been doing this with physical objects, jumping backwards on numberlines, completing part part whole models where a part is missing and have even been answering word problems.

It was definitely a very chilly forest school, but lots of fun all the same! Lots of animals were hidden around the field area. The children went ‘on Safari’ looking to find animals. They played a variety of animal based games to keep them moving and keep them warm!

The children have continued to look at materials and their properties in Science. They were looking at every objects like a jumper and a necklace etc.. and thinking about what they are usually made from and what properties they have.

Everyone began looking at human and physical features in Geography this week. We discussed how we could tell if something was a physical or man-made feature. The children then looked at a variety of pictures and worked together to sort them in to human and physical features.

In RE, Year one have continued to learn about Nur/ Noah. They have been retelling the story and answering questions about what happened. Year two began to learn about how Jesus taught in Parables. This week they focused on the parable of the lost coin and the wise and foolish builder. They thought about what Jesus wanted to teach them through these stories.

In PSHE Year one have continued to discuss how to keep themselves feeling safe and happy. They have been discussing what to do if they had a concern and especially how to talk to someone if they were hurt or were made to feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Year two have been focusing on the internet. They were looking at the different ways that the internet can be accessed and thinking about what the internet is used for. They were being made aware of how to ensure that they are safe when using the internet and what to do if they ever had a problem on line.


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