KS1 – Newsletter – 2.2.24

It’s been another great week for Key Stage One.

In English this week, we have all begun to read a new story called ‘The hunter’. Year One have been doing some role play work around the story. They wrote questions to ask the characters from the story and then practised hot seating. They found out more facts about their chosen animal to write about and finished the week planning a story for next week. Their phonic sound has been /ow/ and /oe/ saying /oa/ eg show and toe. Year two have also been doing planning for their descriptive narrative. They having been thinking about different conjunctions and how they can use them to join sentences together. Their phonic sound this week has been /mb/ saying /m/ eg thumb.

Year One have been building on their knowledge of addition this week in Maths, as they began to find and use doubles. They recognised that doubling means adding the same number together twice. They played games, completed bar models and answered word problems. They then moved onto to spotting when an addition used a ‘nearly double’ and how they could solve it. Year two, group 1 have been using the inverse operation to solve problems practically and written. Group 2 have been subtracting by finding out how much change would be given when spending different amounts.

We linked our history this week with our topic on Africa. We looked at how people were not treated equally in Africa in the 1900’s and how people were separated during the apartheid era. We compared it to how things are now and the fact that Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa.

We were also in Africa in our Geography lessons. We learned all about Kenya. We heard about what their weather is like, what the landscape is like, what animals live there and what food people eat. We then compared this with England. We know that some of the animals that live in Kenya live in England too, but only in zoos and wildlife parks, not in the wild. It is much warmer in Kenya than England and it has far less rain!

We have continued to look at materials and their properties in Science. We looked at a collection of everyday materials and thought about what they were made from. We then completed a table to see which properties they have for example looking at whether we could squash, stretch, bend or twist them.

Year One have been reading the story of Joseph and his technicolour dream coat in RE. They recounted the fact that he had dreams with meanings. They went on to hear about how he was treated unfairly, but how his understanding of what dreams meant set him free and how he ended up in charge of the crops and distribution. Year two were learning about how Jesus performed miracles. They heard about how he turned water into wine, healed peoples illnesses, helped people to walk and see and even calmed a storm!

In PSHE, Year one have been thinking about who they can turn to if they have a problem. They have thought about which problems they can share with a friend and which problems they should share with a grown up. Year two have been focusing on how to stay safe on line. They have been talking about what kind of passwords to use and the fact they should not be shared and who they can talk to if they come across a problem.

Next week is week 1:

PE: Friday – for all of Key Stage One

PPA day. Forest school – Tuesday for all of Key Stage One

Diary Dates:

Monday 4th March – Parent’s evening

Tuesday 5th March – Parent’s evening

Friday 22nd March – African workshop (children only)

Monday 25th March – 2.30pm Parent’s celebration

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