KS1 – Newsletter – 20.5.22

You will be aware that the Year 2 children have begun to do their SAT’s this week. We have kept it low profile and given the children fun activities to do when they weren’t doing their SAT’s. We are incredibly proud of them and how they are doing.

We benefitted from having lovely weather early in the week. The whole phase were out doing forest schools and rotating around a variety of activities. They were able to climb on the tree house and slack line, whittled sticks, sketched natural features and visited the animals.  On Tuesday afternoon we enjoyed welcoming family members of the year two children into our forest schools area too. We are so grateful for the money raised to help mend and improve the area and have enjoyed sharing it with you. We look forward to being able to welcome you in again for future events.

In Maths,  Class 1 have been learning about halves and have been using fruit to demonstrate a half. Class 2 have continued learning how to make and use arrays. They have been learning about groups of objects and have begun to divide and learned the importance of sharing amounts into equal groups.

Year One have been focusing on their phonics this week, spotting digraphs and trigraphs in words. They have been using their phonics to read lots of real and alien words and have been practising using the real words in sentences.

We have completed our carousel of animation in computing and the children have really enjoyed it. Although we set them a simple challenge of drawing a worm and making it move across the screen, many of the children were able to create more complicated animation, making stick men and animals move and they have all loved doing it.

Year 2 have been practising their skipping skills in readiness for our skipping festival. They are all developing their skills and we look forward to seeing them showing them off in July!

Final reminder: Tickets can be purchased from Mrs Koopman, but can also be bought on the day.

Key Dates:

25.5.22 – Phonics workshop – 2.30pm in the hall

27.5.22 – Forest schools – Please wear appropriate clothing

27.5.22 – Fantastic Mr Fox (PG) film afternoon – If you do not wish your child to watch it, please speak to their class teacher.

27.5.22 – Break up for half term

6.5.22 – Return to school

13.6.22 – Trip to Cannon Hall Farm – Any problems with payment for the trip, please contact the school office.

7.7.22 – Skipping festival


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