KS1 – Newsletter -25.3.22

As always, the children have been amazing this week, working hard, trying their best and showing us some fabulous work!

In English, Year One have been reading ‘The Singing Mermaid’. They used this to look at alternative spellings for phonemes and thinking about which way to spell a variety of words. They are also becoming computer experts, using Purple Mash to create their own digital story. In Year two, the children have continued to use ‘Peter Pan’ as a stimulus. They have been planning and writing their own narrative, including expanded noun phrases.

In Maths Year One have been learning about weight. They have been comparing the weights of lots of objects identifying which ones are heavier or lighter. Next week they will be moving on to capacity. If you have any different size bottles please send them in to school. In Year Two, one group have continued their work on division. Working in a carousel to complete different tasks dividing using bar models, word problems and ipads. The other group have been using their division skills to find fractions of numbers.

In Geography, we have continued to learn the names and locations of the continents and oceans. Ask your child if they can sing the song we have been learning to remember the key facts and names.

The children have been super Scientists, using great scientific language when investigating materials. They looked at a variety of materials and investigated whether they could be squashed, twisted, bent or stretched. They were good at predicting what they thought before carrying out the investigation.

In Computing, we continued to use Beebots, to explore the map of the United Kingdom. We had a set of instructions, telling us where to start the Beebot from and what direction it needed to face. We were told where the Beebot needed to end, eg Aberdeen. However, one of the instructions on the sheet was missing. We had to input the algorithm and then try to work out from where the Beebot went to which instruction was missing and insert it into our written algorithm.

Due to staffing issues, we were unable to run the library trip this week. However, we will reschedule and make sure they get their visit once we have the correct ratios for the visit.

If you child is isolating at home and you require additional work or support please do get in touch.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


30.3.22-1.4.22 – Bring in your Easter egg entry

1.4.22 – Break up for Easter

19.4.22 – Training day

20.4.22 – Return to school

Date change from 25.4.22 – Trip to Cannon Hall Farm – NEW DATE 13.6.22: You can log on to Parentpay now, to begin paying and spread the cost

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