KS1 – Newsletter – 25.5.23

The year is whizzing by as we are once again at a half term! Please remember, tomorrow is a training day and the children do not need to be in school. We look forward to seeing them all back in June.

Year two have completed their ‘SAT’s’ quizzes this week and we are incredibly proud of them all. They have worked really hard and also had lots of fun in between; doing sports activities, mindfulness activities and used the ‘Now Press Play’ headphones.

Year One have been enjoying different versions of ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ this week. They have been designing a new character to fit into the story, for example changing the giant to a witch or the cow to a dog. They wrote some brilliant character descriptions using lots of adjectives and then re-wrote the story with their new character in it. It was fantastic for some of our children to be able to visit Cookridge Care Home again on Thursday, to go and read with some of the residents. 

In Maths, Year one have been looking at fractions. They have been finding a half and a quarter of shapes and objects. They were also able to colour in a half and a quarter of different shapes.

In music lessons this week, Year one have continued with the Carnival of the Animals. This week, they have been focusing on donkeys, tortoises and elephants. Year two have continued their work on the Tideo dance and adding in their own percussion.

In Wood work technology, the children have been making their bug hotels out of wood. They have used hammers, nails and glue to attach shelves and supporting pieces. In food technology the children have been making a summer salad. They used tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers sugar snap peas, radishes and beetroot. They practised their cutting skills before having a taste of all the different components. Mrs Williams was very impressed with the amount eaten and the children’s willingness to try things they had not had before.

In RE, Year One have been learning about Mosques and routines in the Muslim faith. They have been looking at prayer mats and The Qu’ran and it’s stand what they are used for and how they are used. In Year two the children have been looking at stories with morals from the Christian faith, The Muslim faith and ones from no faith. They have been thinking about what they can learn from these stories.

Durer’s Rhino is beginning to look brilliant now, as the children continued to decorate it this week in art. They have been using Posca pens, special paint markers that can with stand the weather, to draw a variety of patterns onto the rhino’s body. His official name is ‘Ronaldo Spike’.

We have been looking at King Charles lll life in history this week. We have been looking at key events such as his birth, attending school, crowning as Prince of wales, training in the RAF and his coronation as King.

We did an interesting experiment in Science this week. We stood some sticks of celery into pots of water with food colouring. We then observed what happened when we left them over night. We noticed that the edges of the leaves on the celery was tinged with blue. We realised this is because the water travels up through the celery stick to the leaves like the stem of a flower.

Thank you to all the year one parents who came to the phonics workshop on Wednesday. Please have a look at the separate post for more information about what we do and how you can help your child. The new home work grid is now available, please see the termly newsletter and attachments on the website.

Key Dates:

The week after half term is week 2.

PE Kits needed for class 1 on Thursday and Classes 2 + 3 on Friday

26th May – Training day – Children not in school

5th June – Return to school

15th June – Trip to Bridlington

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