KS1 – Newsletter – 28.6.24

What a fantastic start to the week we have had with our trip to Cannon Hall Farm. The children all had a fantastic day and were really well behaved throughout.

Our trip led into our work in English this week. Firstly, Year One looked at lots of photos from the day and wrote captions for them. They discussed which things happened first, next, then and ordered them. They read some statements about what they did during the day and drew a corresponding picture to show understanding. Year Two have also been writing descriptions of the animals and have been planning their hot write for next week.

In Maths, Year One began learning about time. Firstly looking about the order of time, what we would do first in a day, around lunch time and later in the day. They then moved on to looking at the days of the week and months of the year and the order they come in. Both groups in Year Two have been working on time. They have been using the clocks to make time to 5 minutes and identifying times on clocks.

In Science, We have been using the ‘Now Press Play headphones’ again learning about microhabitats. They were hearing about different minibeasts and where they live and were thinking about why they survive and thrive in those environments.

Music – Year One have continued with ‘The Carnival of the animals’. This week they have been learning about the elephants and the aquarium. They were listening to the music, developing an appreciation of each instrument in the orchestra and moving their bodies to the music. Year Two were doing a listening activity focusing on the tempo and dynamics of the music. They were also expressing how the music made them feel.

After being at Cannon Hall Farm this week, the children were thinking about other places they could visit and the layout they might see. In art, They looked at Bretton Hall sculpture park, what is there and the layout of the park. They then designed their own sculpture park thinking about what features they would like to include and where they would put them.

In Design technology, the children were continuing making their planet. They were stuffing them and stitching them, to ensure the stuffing would not come out!

In PSHE, Year One have been discussing about what it means to be proud to be British. The have been learning about how diverse our country is and how to welcome all people. Year Two have continued to learn about having a positive mindset and trying new things with a positive attitude.

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