KS1 – Newsletter – 29.9.23

Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought a book from the Book fair this week. School gets an amount of money to spend on books depending on how many books are bought. We will update you soon with what we have been able to buy.

In English both Year groups have been focusing on handwriting. They have been looking at Cookridge and the surrounding area. Year Two have been doing their first ‘hot write’ and they have both been writing an information leaflet about Cookridge and exploring the local area. The phonic focus in Year one was /oy/ sating /oi/ and Year two was -es endings. Remember to log on to Twinkl Go and have a look at some of the books with your child. Have a look back a the previous post if you have forgotten what to do. https://www.twinkl.co.uk/go

Year 1-Level 4

4a, b, c books- JV8410

Year 1- Level 5

5a Books-  MA5240

5b Books-  ZK5143

5c Books-  OV9716

Year Two-Level 6

6a Books-  UB7613

6b Books-  FA0971

6c Books-  RN2904


In Maths this week, Year One have been adding one more and finding one less. They have used a variety of resources such as ten frames, making a number and adding one more or removing one. They have been on the playground throwing beanbags onto the correct number that is one more or less that the spoken number. They have looked at different representations of the number and noted what number it is and the number that is one more. Year Two have been looking slightly different things. One group has been looking at whole part models and bar models using tens and ones. The other group were ordering numbers. They have been using the < > signs to label which numbers are greater and less than.

We have been focusing on Esafety in computing. We are very keen to ensure that all our children access the on-line world in a safe an informed way. Continuing with our theme and looking at what information can be shared on line we focused on not using our full or real names. Therefore, we all created a ‘safe’ nickname.

In Science, we have been looking at categorising. The children were able to think of all kinds of different ways that they could sort their toys. For example, colours, hard and soft, plastic and wooden, those that connect onto other things and those that don’t. We used venn diagrams and learnt how to use them when they overlap to incorporate both the categories eg a till that was made out of wood and plastic.

In food technology the children have been learning about and making soup. They have been practising their cutting skills, using the bridge and claw holds. The soup had to be cooked by an adult, but all the children had the opportunity to taste it afterwards. In general technology, the children began to design castles. All will be revealed in the coming weeks!

The children have begun to use instruments in music this week. Year One have been following traffic lights, starting and stopping. Year two have been focusing on long and short sounds.

Hopefully, you will have seen the forest schools post earlier in the week. The children were exploring what loose parts are. They found their own loose parts and used them to create houses for the creatures.

In Art the children have started their new sketch books. They have been looking in mirrors and focusing on their features. They learnt the difference between a portrait and a self-portrait. They then used new sketching pencils and water colour paint to capture their own likeness.

In RE, year one have continued to look at important books to people of faith. They looked at different versions of the Qu’ran and The Bible and looked at how to hold them and where to store them. Year two have continued learning about the basics of the Islamic faith. They focused on who Prophet Muhammad was and why he is so important to Muslims. They learned about why Muslim pray facing Mecca and why the pilgrimage hajj is made there.

Next week is week 2:


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